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Digital Academy

Digital Academy

The CSPS Digital Academy was established by the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) in 2018 to help federal public servants gain the knowledge, skills and mindsets they need in the digital age. It supports the principles of Canada's Beyond2020 initiative for an agile, inclusive and equipped workforce and advocates for a digital-first approach that aligns with Canada's Digital Standards. These ten digital standards form the foundation of the government's shift to becoming more agile, open and user-focused.

What we offer

As one of the School's business lines, the Digital Academy supports public servants at all stages of their learning and at all levels of their careers through the Discover Series, a suite of courses that introduce foundational digital mindsets, skills and tools to help public servants succeed.

For public servants

Discover Digital

Discover Digital is about demystifying the work of government in a digital era. The courses in this series examine the impact of large-scale technological change on how government functions and provides internal and external services. Take these courses to understand how to navigate government in this new context.

Discover Data

The Discover Data series aims to:

  • develop data competencies in support of a data-literate workforce
  • create a common language around data
  • create a community of like-minded, mutually supportive individuals

Discover Agile

This is an overview of what it means to create an agile culture and apply its tools and practices in the Government of Canada.

Discover Cloud

The Discover Cloud series provides foundational knowledge on cloud computing. It includes an overview of the opportunities, applications and limitations of cloud computing, and looks at how to set up proper architecture and infrastructure.

Discover Cyber Security

Discover Cyber Security is a suite of courses aimed at providing foundational learning for all public servants. It provides best practices and practical tips to help you stay safe online.

Discover Trending Technology Topics

Discover Trending Technology Topics takes you through the opportunities and limitations, as well as the policy implications, beyond the hype of what's new in the digital space.

For public service leaders

Discover Digital for Leaders

What does it mean to be a leader in the digital era? This suite of courses introduces leaders to the culture, practices and technologies that have changed all sectors of society, including government.

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