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Mental Health Job Aids for Managers: Psychosocial Factors - Introduction

This job aid provides an overview of the 13 Mental Health Job Aids for Managers that were developed to assist managers in addressing psychosocial risks and creating a psychologically healthy workplace for their employees.

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"Supporting your employees' mental health can improve productivity, cut down on absences, and increase worker retention."

Canadian Mental Health Association

About the Mental Health Job Aids for Managers


The National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace has defined 13 psychosocial factors that can affect mental health in the workplace. Current observations from key stakeholders indicate that addressing them effectively has the potential to positively impact employee mental health, satisfaction and performance.

The 13 Mental Health Job Aids for Managers will assist managers in addressing psychosocial risks and create a psychologically healthy workplace for their employees. These job aids are evergreen and they evolve to follow the current trends in workplace mental health allowing managers to use the job aids as stand-alone tools, or as complementary material to their organization's other mental health resources.

Managers can use one of the 13 job aids to focus on one psychosocial factor at a time; however, the 13 factors are interrelated and have an impact on one another; therefore, positive changes in one factor will likely result in positive changes to other factors as well. Managers can refer to the Guarding Minds at Work Organizational Review Worksheet and Survey Tool referenced at the bottom of each job aid to identify which psychosocial factor they should address. Please contact your Workplace Well-Being advisor for additional advice on how to use the Survey tool effectively.


The title of each job aid includes the name and number of the psychosocial factor it addresses. Each job aid also contains a definition and a short video about the psychosocial factor.

Each of the 13 job aids contains a "Take Action!" section and an "Additional Resources" section. The "Take Action!" portion includes practical, action-oriented behaviours to help managers address and improve upon the psychosocial factor under consideration. The list of actions in each job aid is not exhaustive, nor is it intended to be prescriptive or definitive.

The "Additional Resources" section contains various supplementary resources for managers to refer to as needed. Each job aid includes different resources, and therefore managers should consult all 13 job aids for an overview of all of the additional resources available.

Developed by the Canada School of Public Service in collaboration with the Centre of Expertise on Mental Health in the Workplace.

For inquiries related to the job aids, please contact the Client Contact Centre.

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